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What makes us different?

extrinsica has a number of key assets that sets it apart from our competitors. Fundamentally, what makes us different is our genuine commitment to client goals. We believe that words are easy and so are slick marketing campaigns that promise all things to every client. We believe that delivering an excellent performance for clients is far more important - but much more challenging.

However, at extrinsica, we believe that by delivering on promises, our reputation will be enhanced and that will be good for our business.


The people we recruit are extremely good at what they do. Our selection process is rigorous and, for prospective employees, challenging. However, since our people are our vital assets, we take great care in selecting them - we only want the best. The result of this process is that our clients find that our people are:

  • Very high quality
  • Experienced in managing or solving complex problems
  • Innovative
  • Highly dependable
  • Completely committed to delivering projects successfully

Knowledge-based approach

From start-up, extrinsica has been a knowledge company and our knowledge-based approach has been at the heart of our successful development. The core product of our business is the generation, transfer, application and efficient re-use of knowledge. This true of both our services and our products; and the knowledge generated, applied and developed by our people. Explicitly recognising this, allows us to focus on the development of new ways of delivering this knowledge for the benefit our clients - what they need, when they need it, whether in products or services. [Find out More]

Creating genuine, mutually beneficial partnership with our clients

At extrinsica, we seek to initiate genuine mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We do not view winning contracts as a sterile, often cynical transaction between demand and supply sides. We want to become truly engaged with our clients so that we can understand even the more subtle aspects of their business change problems. By doing this, we form an alliance, assuming a joint ownership of both the problems to be solved and work required to achieve success - a true partnership. [Find out More]

Other factors

  • extrinsica is owned by it's employees not by investors
  • Our staff have impeccable reliability and integrity
  • Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds but have a common ethos - successful delivery for the client
  • We only recruit the best people in their specialisations - all of them are very experienced and have excellent track records
  • Our staff have all managed or implemented large, complex technology solutions for corporate clients
  • extrinsica have a dynamic and powerful knowledge base and actively capture and re-use hard won knowledge
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