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To achieve our mission we have set ourselves a number of strategic and tactical goals from the start-up of the company.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals are to:

  • Create a knowledge-centric, learning organisation
  • An egalitarian, entrepreneurial and mutually rewarding culture
  • Knowledge efficient organisational structure
  • Create a truly virtual company
  • Attract and retain the best knowledge workers
  • Offer a radically different proposition for our clients -
    • Capability; integrity; impartiality; value for money
    • Ensure that we deliver on our promises
  • Deliver very high client satisfaction
  • Create a radically different contract between company and employees
    • A fair return on their intellectual capital investment, which must be viewed in the same terms as the financial capital supplied by shareholders
  • Trade profitably year-on-year to sustain organic growth
Tactical Goals

Our tactical goals are to:
  • Secure strategic collaborative alliances with other companies for mutual benefit
  • Ensure the business is maintained as a successful and profitable going concern
  • Recruit excellent practitioners who fully embrace the extrinsica approach to its business and its clients
  • Create and manage effective a true virtual company using cutting edge technology - don't theorise; do it
  • Implement effective methods for managing knowledge effectively
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