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The Right Approach for a Knowledge Organisation

At extrinsica we recognise that our most important and vital assets are our people. The services we offer and our products embody the skills, experience and know-how - the knowledge - of our people. Recognising this allows us to focus our management effort on putting the necessary elements in place to attract and retain the best practitioners.

We take a knowledge-based approach to managing and running the company, which explicitly recognises that people are or vital assets. This means that we have created a culture that is based on collaboration, trust, teamwork and transparency, and an organizational structure that is designed to preserve the advantages of a small organisation, no matter how large we become.

The key points, summarising our approach are below:

  • Collaboration, trust, teamwork and transparency.
  • Challenging recruitment and selection.
  • Entrepreneurial environment:
    • Open non-hierarchical culture/structure.
    • Everyone encouraged to propose ideas for new business ventures; subsequently to play a key role in developing that business.
    • Everyone empowered to contribute ideas towards business strategy.
    • Everyone has a stake in the company

The rewards are substantial for the right people…

We are genuinely different from many other consultancy companies in a number of ways. It goes without saying that we pay very competitive salaries, which are calculated in an innovative and refreshingly honest way. We don't view providing a financial return to our people in such mundane terms. We ask our employees to make an investment in extrinsica. We want them to invest their Intellectual Capital in the company, as this is what we use to create and provide our services and products to clients. We will calculate how we can most effectively use that investment and what sort of financial return the company is likely to realise from it. We will then allocate a proportion of that forecast return to the individual in return for their continued investment. This perspective ensures that we focus on the relationship as a partnership rather than an opportunity to exploit people for commercial gain.

Other aspects of the way we reward people are also worthy of note. For example, our company is owned by its employees - literally. We have a very innovative and progressive share option scheme for all of our employees that guarantees that a substantial part of the company will always be owned by the employees - everyone has a stake in company. This means that as the company grows so does the value of everyone's holding.

In addition to progressive ways of providing a financial return for people's Intellectual Capital investment, we have a variety of bonus schemes that reward contributions to growing the company and providing an outstanding level of service to our clients.

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