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The best choice for your business change projects

Successful technology-enabled business change

In an increasingly Web-enabled world, businesses can realise enormous benefits from the application of Web technologies; but they must implement these changes successfully to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

But success in complex change projects is often elusive

To implement complex business change projects successfully, you need know how - people who have done it before and have the track record to prove it. And they need to be equipped with effective, structured project management methods that have been refined 'in the trenches'.

extrinsica has what you need

extrinsica has both the knowledge and the management frameworks that have been proven and refined in critical business change projects with world-class client organisations.

Our people are highly experienced and have built up excellent knowledge within their chosen specialisations. They are the cream who are also innovative, highly motivated and free thinking people who were stifled by the production line approach of the factory consultancies.

We specialise in the provision of project specialists to key Government and private sector projects, and we have also forged collaborative partnerships with a number of leading technology companies, working on large, mission critical projects for clients.
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