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Alliance Partners

Collaborative Teamworking Across Organisational Boundaries

Our company is founded on the concept of collaborative team working as a means of providing the most effective solutions for our clients. extrinsica, along with some of its alliance partner companies, is pioneering the extension of this concept. We are forming ad hoc, multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational teams to meet clients' needs.
Versatile and Flexible

This way of working is much more agile than old fashioned joint ventures and consortiums, and allows us not only to form multifaceted teams to tackle large and complex client problems quickly but also ensures that the team is constituted exactly to meet the client's needs, however complex. Each alliance organisation is excellent at what it does and has a range of specialist knowledge or facilities that can be used to meet even the most complex client requirements. It allows us to form the most appropriate multidisciplinary organisation for our clients needs at very short notice and, because it is temporary, at a much lower cost than the (prohibitively expensive) large consultancies.

Mutual Benefit

Our collaborative alliances involve genuine collaborative teamworking across organizational boundaries to create versatile, tailored solutions to very complex business problems for our clients. This creates mutually beneficial returns for all parties. It also engenders unparalleled commitment in the collaborative partners - successful achievement of the aim matters; and every participant is fully committed to the success of the project. That's also best for the client.

Some of Our Partners

extrinsica has formed such alliances with a number of leading companies to provide custom-made solutions for our clients

LA International provides a total recruitment service throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle & Far East. A member of REC and accredited to ISO 9002 LA International are the preferred supplier to many UK and Overseas leading companies.


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