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Our People

Key Points

We only recruit the best people. They are experienced, skilled professionals who have proved themselves in complex technology programme and projects for large corporate clients. We do not have 'associates' who can be of questionable quality. We select our people by means of a rigorous recruitment procedure and we facilitate their continuous professional and intellectual development throughout their careers at extrinsica.

We also enable all of our consultants to own shares in their company, which builds commitment to and involvement in our commercial development.

  • extrinsica is owned by it's employees not by investors
  • Our staff have impeccable reliability and integrity
  • Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds but have a common ethos - successful delivery for the client
  • We only recruit the best people in their specialisations - all of them are very experienced and have excellent track records
  • Our staff have all managed or implemented large, complex technology solutions for blue chip corporate clients

Our Principal and Vital Assets

The quality of our services is directly proportional to the excellence of the people that we have at extrinsica. Our people are all:

  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable

But so are many consultants in many of our competitor companies.

We have the benefit of being able to be highly selective, and the rewards for those who succeed in joining us are substantial. For example, our people own the company; everyone can contribute to its growth and development, and everybody benefits when we are successful. This means that our company attracts free thinking, confident, innovative people who are clever, ambitious, creative and understand the benefits of working collaboratively (as opposed to competitively). But it also means that our people are uncharacteristically highly committed to the success of our clients' projects - their successes are our successes.

The benefit for our clients is that, instead of the highly cultivated, scripted consultants so often found among our competitors, our consultants are well-rounded people who understand the imperatives of running successful businesses. They appreciate our clients' challenges but have the ability to formulate clever and innovative solutions not prescribed, 'one size fits all' solutions dreamt up in back offices far removed from the real world. We do not treat our clients as live experiments with untested theories.

So, in addition to the experience, skill and knowledge our clients would expect from professional consultants, our people also have other equally important qualities that will make the difference for our clients when they implement complex business change. Qualities like:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
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