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Project Recovery

Do you have business change projects that are failing?

Projects can fail for a variety of reasons. You may have discovered that one or more of your critical business change projects is not meeting expectations in terms of delivery, schedule or cost.. You may have found this by chance or may have used a service like our Project Assurance Service. However you have discovered this uncomfortable truth, you need people who specialise in recovering projects and turning them around.

We have a number of specialists in this area who can quickly establish where and how the project is failing. They can:

  • Identify the areas/process/ people that are failing and recommend remedial action.
  • Identify the necessary action to redress the failures.
  • Stabilise the project budget.
  • Re-plan a feasible schedule in conjunction with key stakeholders.
  • Implement a structured management approach to ensure effective control of the project's revised schedule.
  • Deliver what is required for your business.

This service will be provided with efficiency but with sensitivity. Our people are very experienced project managers who have managed many different projects across a range of industry sectors in both in the public and private sectors, and you can rest assured that if your project needs to put back on the rails, our people can do it.


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