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Project Management Services

Our Project Managers

To achieve success in complex change projects, it is important to have a structured approach. A well-planned and structured approach is however only one part of the equation; the project management method is only an adjunct to the real business of actually managing projects.

Professional project managers are at the core of successful projects. A competent project manager is what makes the difference between success and failure. It is important that the project manager is goal oriented and does not become preoccupied by the project management process - a common source of project failures. The project manager needs to be prepared to assume responsibility for managing all aspects of the project, from planning an efficient work breakdown structure to controlling the use of resources and ensuring that the project delivers the required output when it is required and at the forecast cost.

Project Management is our Core Business

Most of our project managers are accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) or as PRINCE 2 practitioners, and those that aren't will be shortly after joining the company. Even more importantly, they don't just have qualifications; all of them have had substantial experience of managing complex projects in a number of industry and public sectors. They are all of the very highest calibre, and have to be at what the APM defines as 'High levels of Project Management Knowledge and Experience' before they are able to join us.

Managing our clients' projects is at the heart of our business. We work hard to ensure that all of our people are continuously updating their skills and expanding their thinking and practice. We actively manage the knowledge that our project managers acquire on a wide variety of assignments so that we can improve our ability to manage our clients' business-critical change projects efficiently and successfully.

Why us?

Our clients not only recognise our focus on quality and reliability but appreciate it. Our approach is one of continuous improvement, focusing on delivering what our clients envisaged within the timeframe required and to planned cost. Having that confidence in our ability to deliver allows our clients to focus on the business changes required to stay ahead of the competition. They do not have to be distracted by managing the implementation of change - that's why they hire us.

Our project mangers are currently delivering projects for a broad range of clients in both public and private sectors with outstanding success, and a number of them are also suitably qualified to work on special UK Government projects.

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