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Reference Projects

We have participated in a substantial number of critical business change programmes for a broad range of clients but much of our work is involved in extremely sensitive areas of our clients' businesses. Consequently, we are not able to publicise the full range of our participation. However, two of our clients have agreed to us summarising the work that we have done for them.

Example Projects


cw360.com was a technically very complex implementation programme to amalgamate several disparate Web propositions into a single portal designed to contain a number of resources for UK-based IT professionals in one online location.

extrinsica were retained by InterX plc, to manage the whole life cycle of the programme including the implementation strategy, software resource provision, development, integration and third party outsourcing.

extrinsica continues to be a supplier of critical knowledge resources to cw360.com, as part of the Maintenance and Development Team

Cannons UK Plc

As the company expands into Europe so the need for a dependable, efficient and secure WAN has increased. extrinsica was retained to conduct a comprehensive audit of the company's existing systems and provide advice on where and how they could be improved to provide the IT infrastructure required to underpin the company's growth.

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