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extrinsica - Resources Overview

Our Resources - Our Key Assets

Our resources are the core of our capability. We have a number of critical resources that enable us to provide excellent services to our clients. Our principal resource is our people. We are very demanding when selecting our people because we only want the best. It means that our selection process is long and expensive but it ensures that the people that we hire can contribute exceptional skills and knowledge and experience to our clients and, therefore to our business.

Our Experience is considerable and spans many disciplines and a broad range of industry sectors. All of our people are very experienced professionals who have a demonstrable track record of success. They have generally 'been there and done it' in the real world of complex technical challenges and exceptionally challenging deadlines.

extrinsica consultants also posses a broad range of skills. From a complex palette of management skills of a programme manager to the attention to detail required of our database specialists and information security professionals, we have a breadth and depth of skill to call upon.

Another key resource is our Knowledge Management Processes. Taking a knowledge-based approach to management has focused our efforts towards putting the essential processes in place that enable us to respond faster to client requirements by rapidly accessing the knowledge that resides within the company; providing better services to our clients by continuously improving upon best practice and developing innovative customised solutions.

We operate a system of nominating acknowledged 'experts'. These people are at the forefront of their specialisations. They can act as a specialist focal point for less experienced people within the same specialisations or for non specialists within the wider company. By using Web technologies and our knowledge-based approach, they are available continuously to any of our consultants who need their expertise.

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