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Joining extrinsica

Are we right for you?

We provide outstanding reward and financial returns for the investment of Intellectual Capital, and we have found that what we offer is extremely attractive to potential joiners. But we are highly selective; we want to recruit only high calibre professionals. If you have the confidence and belief in your professional ability and your approach that we are looking for, that shouldn't bother you. If you find that statement daunting, then you may not be what we're looking for.

Our selection process

If you like the approach we are taking to providing outstanding services to clients and are attracted by the potential rewards working within a truly modern organisation, where the company and its employees work in a partnership then apply to join us.

An outline of our selection process is shown here:

Contact the company. You can mail your CV by conventional post or by e-mail using the facilities on this site. This is the first step. We will review your CV and contact you within 7 working days to advise you whether your skills and experience are what we are looking for.

First Interview. If you have the skills and experience that we are looking for, then we will invite you for a first interview. This interview will be about an hour long and will be an informal meeting with 2 members of an extrinsica interview team. This interview is mainly biographical. We will want to know about you as a professional and as a person. What qualifications and skills you have; your experience and what motivates you. We will brief you in more depth about us; what we do, how we do it and how we provide a return for the investment of an individual's Intellectual Capital. We will advise you within 10 working days whether we would like to proceed to a second interview.

Second Interview. If you make it to the second interview, you will have done well. You will have the right mix of skills, experience and motivation for us to be very interested in employing you. At the second interview, which will last up to 1.5 hours, we will focus more on your professional capabilities and you will need to be prepared to answer questions that will probe your technical expertise. We may also set you an assessed specialisation-related task to undertake before presenting your conclusions to the interview team. At this interview, we will also want to discuss with you your current circumstances such as your home location and your potential mobility. We will also discuss with you our assessment of the potential value of your Intellectual Capital and what return, in the form of a salary, we could provide. We will advise you within 10 working days if you have been successful.

Joining the Company. On joining the company, we will conduct an induction process that will familiarise you with our internal processes and introduce you to the key members of the team with which you will work.

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