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Our Skills

Core Competences

Our core competences are listed below:

Programme Management We have several experienced programme managers who have managed a number of complex programmes across a range of industries. They can combine their skills and experience with our structured disciplined approach to managing programmes, using our programme management tools and accessing corporate knowledge from our dynamic knowledge base.

Structured Project Management Most of our project managers are accredited by APM or as PRINCE 2 practitioners. They have all had substantial experience of managing complex projects in a number of industry and public sectors. We also have a number of project managers are suitably qualified to work on special Government projects.

Project Assurance Projects often go wrong. There are a complex variety of reasons for this. Sometimes the fact that a project is failing is evident; sometimes is less obvious until it's too late to recover. We can audit your projects to check whether they are on track and likely to deliver what they set out to do and in the required timeframe. If we find that they are failing we can let you know what is going wrong and how it can be put right.

Project Recovery If one or more of your projects is failing, we have developed a structured project turnaround approach. Our most experienced project managers can rapidly stabilise a project, diagnose what the critical elements are that need to be delivered and rapidly but effectively re-plan delivery. This allows your business to limit any damage to an absolute minimum.


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