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What we are looking for…

Professional excellence

We are looking for very high calibre people. To meet our objective of delivering excellence to our clients, we need experienced professionals who have a track record of professional achievement. We are interested in your qualifications, and, if you get to join us, we will encourage and facilitate you in gaining more throughout your career. But we also need people with hard-won experience and evidence that they have learned, developed professionally and improved from it. We need to see tangible evidence of professional success - a track record of dealing with complexity effectively.

It's not just technical or professional competency that we're looking for

We are looking for people with the right attitude, approach and values. We need free thinking people who relish the idea of having to take responsibility. We are looking for people who thrive on creating clever, innovative solutions to very complex business change problems; people who are happy to take the initiative. If you're looking for a steady, predictable easy ride we are the wrong company to consider.

Our culture is of fundamental importance to us and the people who join us must embrace our way of working wholeheartedly. Our emphasis is not on individual performance per se or on internal competition between individuals. Our emphasis is building excellent teams. What provides the cohesion is trust, collaboration and a willingness to both give and receive constructive criticism; you must want to learn and develop - continuously.

Entrepreneurs welcome

Our emphasis on team working is essential to enable the services we offer to our clients. But we don't stifle individuality. Everyone in our company is treated as an individual. If anyone has a great idea for a new business, we can develop the idea, taking it from conception through business planning and evaluation to execution, allowing the person who had the great idea to play a principal role. This approach is based on the recognition that we need to develop continuously if we are to grow as a business. So, if the prospect of being an entrepreneur appeals to you we want to hear from you.

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